Thursday, September 8, 2011

100 Word Contest Entry

     Chuck Wendig, author of the cool site over at is having a 100 word contest on the subject of revenge. I took some time away from flying girls and bazookas to give it a shot. What the hell. 100 words is tough, it's a good exercise and it was just plain damn kinda fun. So here it is, 100 words on the button ... It's violent, dark and screwed up, but whudduya want from me? The topic was revenge :) Enjoy!

     The gold hair shimmered and the sharp, wide-set green eyes of Lucille narrowed as she leaned back in her chair.
     "There, done," said Annabelle, pulling her protective goggles up over her darker hair and pushing the beaker of sulfuric acid off to the side.
     'Yeah, you're done alright,' thought Lucille, eying the girl who stole her boyfriend.
     She rose from her table, glass of acid in her hand, and lunged it at the girl.
     Annabelle howled like a banshee as her face melted down.
     The professor ran over in what seemed like strange, time-warped movements.
     Lucille leaned back and smiled.